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I have been employed extensively in the animation field, specifically in the areas of design, layout, layout supervision, art direction and show direction, for over
30 years

As an example of production design, my responsibilities on "Klaus" required the management of at team of 2D artists that worked from rough Maya models provided by me to serve as under drawings for final designs that would, in turn be provided to the 3D department as reference for their asset creation. I would also work with that department "hands on" to insure the proper translation from 2D to 3D. Additionally, I worked with the Story department to develop sets, sequences and camera direction.

As and example of art direction, my responsibilities on "Johnny Bravo" (2nd and 3rd seasons), required inclusion in story meetings where I provided rough layouts and story input. Additionally, I created all key layout designs and supervised layout, color and prop design.

I also love to work in the ranks as a designer. I'm proficient in many different
styles from comedy to action adventure, and cartoony to high tech fantasy.
My recent work on "Magic the Gathering" required location designs in an
alternate medieval world, loosely resembling ancient Prague. These designs
were created by rough sketch and later refined in Maya and Photoshop, before
being passed on to the 3D studio. The use of Maya insured that my designs
would translate well to 3D and as a result, I was the last of the layout artists
to kept on after several extensions.

My computer skills include software packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Maya. I am allways willing and able to apply myself to new technology and I look forward to all opportunities to learn more in the digital media field.


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca.

Animation Services

Prop and Background design
Show Direction
Art Direction
Layout Supervisor
3d Assets in Maya

Clients / Shows / Responsibilities

"Magic the Gathering"
Background Layout.

Cartoon Network
"Ben Ten"
Background Layout.

Warner Bros Animation
"Batman" Prop design, asset building in Maya.

RGH Production
"Klaus" Production designer, direction of 2 and 3d asset.

"Care Bears" Prop design, background design, digital color and previz, asset building in Maya.
"Dagedar" Prop design, background design, digital color and previz, asset building in Maya.
"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Prop design, background design, digital color and previz, asset building in Maya.

"Penguins of Madagascar" Prop design, background design, asset building in Maya.

Santini Productions
"GI Joe" Prop design, asset building in Maya.

Cartoon Network
"Fire Breather" Prop design, background design, digital color and previz, asset building in Maya.
"Johnny Bravo" Art director, prop, background design and storyboards

Film Roman
"Mighty Max" Prop and background design, production director
"The Mask" Prop and background design
"Development" Creation of project "21"

Warner Bros. Animation
"TAZ" Layout Supervisor, background design and storyboards
"Development" Staff presentation artist

"Invasion America" Prop and background design

MGM Animation
"All Dogs Go To Heaven" Background design
"Babes In Toyland" Prop , background design and layout
"Secret Of Nimm" Prop and background design
"Robo Cop" Background design

Amblin Entertainment
"The Family Dog" Lead layout artist

"Cops" Prop and background design
"Slimer" Background design and layout
"Super Mario Bros." Prop and background design
"GI Joe" Prop and background design
"Captain N" Prop and background design

Fabrication References

Available upon request.


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